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About Action Now

Action Now is a  “Home Performance” focused Company. We take a whole house approach, looking at the entire home as a system. This includes everything from the foundation and building materials, to the plumbing, electrical, insulation, and mechanical equipment. Visual inspections and diagnostics test are than performed to determine the most efficient  and cost effective steps to making your home Comfortable, Healthy, & Energy Efficient.

Action Now is dedicated to providing quality service to homeowners interested in purchasing a new home, selling a home, or making improvements to their current home.

We offer detailed Home inspections, Visual Energy Efficiency consultations, and in depth Energy Audits, with full diagnostic testing. Each service we offer comes complete with a detailed report of the results, and suggested remediations or repairs.

Action now has quality trained and certified professionals who do all of our field work.

The heart of our missions statement is to make a difference in peoples' lives. whether its just providing a simple service, or an in depth diagnostic of your home.

Our goal is to educate the home owner, and make them as comfortable and confident as possible in the investment of there home.

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